Secrets of the Faeries  Co. 

Proudly Presents.... 

 Faery Forest School 

A place to open to the magic within all things,

To connect with the earth and spread your faery wings!

A place to laugh, dance and play

To explore and discover the FAERY way!


SOTF Faery Forest School is a completely outdoor program that supports Faery and Earth Warrior children in developing and deepening their relationships with themselves, each other, and the earth through various hands-on, child-led, and nature-based MAGICAL activities, explorations and experiences while simultaneously incorporating Art, Science, Math, Literacy, Play, Permaculture, Puppetry, Dance, Music, Yoga, Meditation, Primitive Skills, Herbalism, Wild Foraging, Social Emotional Support and lots and lots of LOVE- therefore meeting the needs of the whole child.

~Each Faery Forest School Program is 

Facilitated by Meghan Faeth aka "Faery Faeth" and 
contains 4-6 children per day.
Winter Session Attendance Options:
Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, 
Ages: 3-6
**Jan.13 - April 17th**
Tuition Rates:

~ 1 Day Per Week:

$155 Per Month

~ 2 Days Per Week:

$305 Per Month

~ 3 Days Per Week:

$455 Per Month

** One, Two and Three Day
Attendance Options Available 
**Ongoing, Open Enrollment**
**Drop-Ins Welcome

** If you are interested in applying , please fill out and submit our Application Form below**


"Faery Faeth (Meghan) is very warm and children enjoy her playfulness. She is an avid learner. She has the ability and desire to contribute to the Early Childhood Profession, and will continue to use every opportunity to learn." -Mary Hartzell, Director of First Presbterian Nursery School in Santa Monica, CA and Co-author of the book "Parenting from the Inside Out."


   "When it was time to decide on a preschool for our son, Zander, we considered and visited several options. But when we met Faery Faeth and she told us about her Faery Forest School, we knew it was the right choice for us.  Faery Faeth  understands that each child comes to her with a unique set of gifts to share and challenges to meet. Her relationships with children, parents, and the community are built on a foundation of love, respect,  trust, and honest communication.  Being a part of this community, along with Faery Faeth's support and encouragement, inspires us to learn and grow together.  Most important of all, however, is that Zander loves going to school each day!  We are certain that we made the right decision." - Tamara and Mark Persky,  Former Parents

   "I think Elan Bodhi has really grown in some wonderful ways since his time with you. It has been a great introduction to school and is our dream of what school can be. Thanks and keep growin'." - Paul Belgum, Grandfather

"Faery Faeth (Meghan) has many strengths both as a person and as a teacher.  Her elevated writing skills and documentation of child interaction has placed her in a special position here in our school as a Small Group Teacher. She is responsible, dependable and kind-hearted.  She is an excellent teacher."

- Flor Ferro, Head Curriculum Specialist, First Presbterian Nursery School

Santa Monica, CA.

Your light, your joy, your Presence, and your gifts are such a blessing to the world, to our children and to us! Thank you for being such a radiant force of love and inspiration for Gabriella

and I. You have given our family so much love and magic!"- Jenny Emblom, Parent and Owner of Wholly Living Co.

"Faery Faeth's calling to work with children in the most productive, open and creative ways never waivers. My grandchildren attended Meghan's workshops and the experience opened them to a whole new range of feelings about life and spirit and play.  It was such a beautiful experience for them and for all the other children and adults who were present. Her skills at counseling and her spiritual insights run very deep and people of all ages seem to automatically trust her. I can't recommend her enough for any work with children, of any age." 

- Racquel Palemese, Spiritual Teacher



“If we want children to flourish, to become truly empowered, then let us allow them to love the earth before we ask them to save it. Perhaps this is what Thoreau had in mind when he said, “the more slowly trees grow at first, the sounder they are at the core, and I think the same is true of human beings.”-David Sobel, Beyond Ecophobia

A Child's Sacred Relationship with the Earth


If children do not have a relationship with the earth, then they will not care what happens to it.  At SOTF Faery Forest School children are developing and deepening their natural affinity for nature through place-based learning. Their excitement and innate curiousity about nature is stimulated and provoked in order to set the foundation for lifelong connections and relationships to the natural world.   Through their participation in our nature-based program, children are taught to care for, respect and love the natural world. Children learn that all of nature has a right to life, that plants and trees have feelings and can even communicate to us through the nature spirits that take care of them. Through their connections to the natural world, children will be invested in the future of this planet and will care enough to ensure that their home- and the world they love- is treated with the respect, fairness and kindness it deserves. 

FAERY Forest School Application

P: (828) 242-6533        E:            Asheville, NC  


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