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Secrets of the Faeries Co. Faery and Unicorn Parties provide children and their guests with wonderous, enchanted and imaginative experiences and activities full of music, dancing, glitter, wands, wings and SPARKLY things!



Each Secrets of the Faeries Birthday Party Includes

* 1 1/2 Hour Party Setup Up


* Eco Face Painting, Glitter, and Gems


*Faery Ring Circle: Faery, Unicorn, and Magical Songs, Faery Unicorn and Faery Oracle Cards, Faery Wishes with Faery Dust and a Birthday Blessing for the Birthday Child


*Treasure Hunt


* 1  Faery/Unicorn Activity


* 1 Hour Clean Up



“I pretended I was a Faery and I took care of the water animals. It was so fun making the Faery Houses and I liked looking at the Faery & Unicorn cards. We got to pick our own special one, closed our eyes and imagined our own special world being with the Faeries. I love that Faeries are magical and beautiful and they make me happy!” Mia, Age 8

“Faery Faeth transformed our backyard into a Faery wonderland! I couldn’t believe how many beautiful, natural materials she brought. She was incredibly creative and the environment was magical!I loved the faery house making- the materials the girls worked with were abundant and beautiful. I was very happy with Secret’s of the Faeries Company. The kids had a wonderful time and loved the whole experience!”

- Rachel Ronn, Mother

Create Your Custom Designed Party

Each SOTF CO. Party can be created with your special party child and needs in mind! Pick and Choose From the Various Faery and Unicorn Party Activity Options Below!

Faery Parties Activity Options

Faery wand-making magic at a recent Secr

Faery Wands

Create enchanted faery wands using magical natural and faery sparkly materials!



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Little Faeries working on their Faery ho

Faery Houses

Create magical Faery Homes with faery fantastical found all around!



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Faery Wings

Create and enliven multi-colored faery wings that make your faery heart sing! 



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 Inquiries, Requests and Questions

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