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 Secrets of the Faeries
  Faery Magical Private Sessions 

Do you feel blocked from your FAERY joy? 

Do you want to learn how to talk to the birds, plants, animals and trees?


Are you ready to set your magical FAERY heart free?

Are your ready to connect with your own FAERY MAGIC inside?

Are you ready to shine your FAERY LIGHT rather than hide?


If the answer to the above is YES...


Then come, my faery friend and PLAY with me


So that together, we can help you uncover your FAERY MAGICAL DESTINY



My name is Faery Faeth and for a long while, of my light and faery magic, I was afraid.


I was shut down and scared that if I truly let go and let my true FAERY light show, that others would not understand.


I tried to be like everyone else I did see. More than anything, I wanted to be accepted, liked and loved, so I changed my FAERY ways. I  hid my true FAERY nature away. After many years of deep Spiritual Healing Work, I started to feel safe to come out. I spread a faery wing here. I spread a faery wing there. Over time, I started to connect with my own Inner FAERY MAGIC Inside. I realized I was safe and no longer did I have to hide.  


If you feel blocked in any way from connecting to your own Inner FAERY magic, together, let us uncover and discover your own FAE-STORY!



My Fae-Story

Faery Private Sessions May Include Any of the Following:

​~ Music ~ Dancing ~ Singing~ Art ~ Yoga~ Faery Intuitive Bodywork


~ Faery Meditations~ Faery Intuitive Heart Healing

Session Cost: $122 for 1 1/2 hours

For Inquires, Questions or to Book Your Private Faery Session, Please Contact Faery Faeth  

P: (828) 242-6533        E:            Asheville, NC  

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